Rawlings Encore Youth Baseball Glove, Black, White, Gold, 11.5 inch



Brand: Rawlings

Color: 11.5 inch – Pro I Web


  • Designed for infielders and pitchers, this encore 11. 25 inch Youth glove provides the player with the competitive advantage to field any grounder and quickly transfer the ball to their throwing hand for a Throw around the infield
  • Ideal for players FROM age 8 through 14, this glove features Provides more hand protection and shape retention for younger players thanks to the extended web base that allows the fingers to close around the glove
  • Adjustable hand opening allows every player to customize the fit of their glove
  • Added palm protection and extended glove base helps prevent sting, making this a safe choice for players looking for an extra layer of defense against hard-hit balls
  • 65% factory/ 35% player break-in allows for a fast or break-in process, while still holding shape
  • Right Hand Throw (glove goes on left hand)
  • Right Hand Orientation = Right Hand Throw / Left Hand Orientation = Left Hand Throw

Package Dimensions: 163x301x546

Release Date: 15-08-2019

Details: The Rawlings Encore glove Series features innovative technology that gives rising stars unmatched performance and comfort. The patented web construction and deeper pocket allow younger players to easily close their fingers around the web. This glove also offers exceptional comfort and feel thanks to an adjustable pull lace wrist strap. In addition, its crafted from high-quality leather that feels amazing on your hand and gives you a ‘game ready’ Feel right out of the box. All of these ground breaking features make this glove Series Perfect for the competitive 8 to 14 year old player. Once a player slips a glove on their hand, they will not be able to switch back to any other glove.

UPC: 083321625794